BMC Medicine (Accessed 26 November 2106)

BMC Medicine
(Accessed 26 November 2106)

A framework: make it useful to guide and improve practice of clinical trial design in smaller populations
The increased attention to design and analysis of randomised clinical trials in small populations has triggered thinking regarding the most appropriate design methods for a particular clinical research question…
Kit C. B. Roes
BMC Medicine 2016 14:195
Published on: 25 November 2016


How do you design randomised trials for smaller populations? A framework
How should we approach trial design when we can get some, but not all, of the way to the numbers required for a randomised phase III trial?
Mahesh K. B. Parmar, Matthew R. Sydes and Tim P. Morris
BMC Medicine 2016 14:183
Published on: 25 November 2016