BMC Infectious Diseases (Accessed 26 November 2106)

BMC Infectious Diseases
(Accessed 26 November 2106)

Research article
It’s complicated: why do tuberculosis patients not initiate or stay adherent to treatment? A qualitative study from South Africa
Individuals who test positive for active tuberculosis (TB) but do not initiate treatment present a challenge to TB programmes because they contribute to ongoing transmission within communities. To better under...
Donald Skinner and Mareli Claassens
BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:712
Published on: 25 November 2016


Research article
Community-based interventions to enhance knowledge, protective attitudes and behaviors towards canine rabies: results from a health communication intervention study in Guangxi, China
In China canine rabies poses a serious public health problem in that human mortality ranks the second highest globally. While rabies health education interventions are advocated by WHO to be critical component…
Hairong Wu, Jiao Chen, Lianbin Zou, Liefeng Zheng, Weichao Zhang, Zhenmu Meng, Ricardo J. Soares Magalhaes, Youming Wang, Jingli Kang and Xiangdong Sun
BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:701
Published on: 24 November 2016