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Week ending 26 September 2015

This weekly digest is intended to aggregate and distill key content from a broad spectrum of practice domains and organization types including key agencies/IGOs, NGOs, governments, academic and research institutions, consortia and collaborations, foundations, and commercial organizations. We also monitor a spectrum of peer-reviewed journals and general media channels. The Sentinel’s geographic scope is global/regional but selected country-level content is included. We recognize that this spectrum/scope yields an indicative and not an exhaustive product. Comments and suggestions should be directed to:

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Pact [to 19 September 2015]

Pact [to 19 September 2015]

Systemic change still far off, but ‘space is opening up’ for civil society improvements in Belarus, panel says
Corinne Reilly | September 17, 2015
Although significant challenges remain, civil society improvements are taking place in Belarus, according to a panel of experts who spoke Sept. 1o in Washington, D.C. They described the changes as fragile but important, as many civic activities happening in the country today were unimaginable as recently as a few years ago.

Save The Children [to 19 September 2015]

Save The Children [to 19 September 2015]

In Serbia One In Four Refugee Children Arrive Alone, Save the Children Reports
Belgrade, Serbia (Sept. 18, 2015) — Save the Children is stepping up its emergency response to the refugee crisis in Serbia, where more than 25,000 children have arrived this year alone, including at least 5,753 unaccompanied minors.
Based on the latest data provided to UNHCR by the Serbian government, Save the Children estimates that there has been a 66 percent increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors in Serbia between July and August this year alone, with more than one in four recently-arrived children having been separated from their parents and families, leaving them particularly at risk of trafficking, abuse, and exploitation…

More Than Half of All School Attacks Have Been in Syria, New Data Shows
FAIRFIELD, Conn. (Sept. 16, 2015) — More than half of all attacks on schools worldwide in the last four years have occurred in Syria, according to Save the Children, compounding the humanitarian crisis that has already forced four million Syrian refugees to flee to camps in over-crowded surrounding states, or onwards towards Europe…

Google’s Global Public Giving Campaign to Support Assistance for Child Refugees
Sept. 15, 2015

SOS-Kinderdorf International [to 19 September 2015]

SOS-Kinderdorf International [to 19 September 2015]

SOS Children’s Villages Germany increasing capacity for refugees
17.09.2015 – With decades of experience supporting vulnerable families and children without parental care, including many asylum seekers, SOS Children’s Villages Germany is gearing up to provide homes and help for more refugees.

Unaccompanied refugee children given SOS homes in Austria
15.09.2015 – More than 30 refugee children and young people who came into Austria without their parents or caregivers have already found new homes through SOS Children’s Villages in Austria. Plans are underway to provide homes for at least 70 more before the end of the year.

The Elders [to 19 September 2015]

The Elders [to 19 September 2015]

News Martti Ahtisaari 17 September 2015
A decent start
In our first of seven films leading up to the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals, Martti Ahtisaari describes his object and what fairness means to him. Join in the discussion yourself on Facebook or Twitter.
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Guest blog Frances Stewart 16 September 2015
One flaw in the Sustainable Development Goals may make the difference between success and failure
Frances Stewart, Emeritus Professor of development economics at the University of Oxford and former Chair of the United Nations Committee for Development Policy, wonders if the weak coupling between economic growth and sustainability will do enough to change our reliance on non-renewable energy.

Opinion Gro Harlem Brundtland, Graça Machel 15 September 2015
Securing a sustainable future
Writing for Project Syndicate, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Graça Machel call on world leaders attending the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals in September to commit to putting the words of the Goals into action, justly and effectively.

Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) [to 19 September 2015]

Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) [to 19 September 2015]

Displacement in Colombia
Report Synopsis
Date: 2015/09/18
On 16 September 2015 we responded to a funding alert in response to displacement in the departments of Norte de Santander, Arauca, La Guajira and Vichada in Colombia.

Due to political disputes between Venezuela and Colombia, an approximately 21,434 people are thought to have been deported or returned to Colombia since 21 August. UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates a further 19,952 Colombians have returned without having registered as deported. A total of 1,482 are registered as deported to Colombia at crossings.

According to the UN OCHA’s Financial Tracking Service (FTS), donors have committed or contributed US$49.5 million of humanitarian assistance to Colombia so far in 2015. The European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) department is the top donor, having contributed or committed US$23.6 million to the crisis.

So far in 2015, US$3 million has been disbursed to the affected Norte de Santander, Arauca and Vichada departments of Colombia, of which 13% is for assistance to displaced populations. Out of total funding in 2015, US$9.9 million is allocated to support displaced populations elsewhere in the country…

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