UNISDR UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction [to 27 September 2014]

UNISDR UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction [to 27 September 2014]

Selected News Briefs
26 Sep 2014
Climate Summit boost for resilient cities
NEW YORK, 25 September 2014 – This week’s UN Climate Summit has generated commitments to raise $2 billion of in-kind and direct support for cities threatened by extreme weather events fuelled by climate change.

The Resilient Cities Acceleration Initiative, backed by the Rockefeller Foundation and other partners in the Medellin Collaboration for Urban Resilience, aims to double its estimated $2 billion annual investment in urban resilience by 2020…

…The Climate Summit commitments also include a plan to assist 500 local governments to develop resilience action plans by 2020 with the deployment of funding and technical support…