UN OCHA: Online system enhances transparency of humanitarian financing in South Sudan

Online system enhances transparency of humanitarian financing in South Sudan
Juba, 25 September 2014: So far in 2014, donors have contributed close to US$1.2 billion for humanitarian action in South Sudan, including over $980 million for projects in the South Sudan Crisis Response Plan.

To enhance transparency of the flow of resources for humanitarian action in South Sudan and other emergencies around the world, the United Nations maintains an online system called the Financial Tracking Service (http://fts.unocha.org/). This public system tracks donations in real-time, specifying which organization has received resources for which projects. For South Sudan, the system has been in operation since the country gained independence in 2011.

Users of the Financial Tracking Service can download pre-prepared tables detailing donors and recipients of funds; create customized searches or focus on specific sectors or organizations; and compare financing flows between different crises across the globe. Though internet-based, the system makes it easy to create, print and share tables with financial information in other formats.

Visit the Financial Tracking Service on: http://fts.unocha.org/. For information on South Sudan, click on “Republic of South Sudan – Crisis Response Plan 2014”.