Public Consultations Watch :: Global Calls for Input/Public Comment/RFIs ::: 03 May 2023 – Issue 03

GE2P2 Global is developing a formal monitoring approach to identify public consultations/calls for input/RFIs and similar opportunities across its focus areas of global health, human rights, humanitarian action, education, heritage, and sustainable development. This span of sectors yields a broad variety of opportunities, even though public consultation is not employed in any uniform way across the UN system, multilateral agencies, INGOs or UN member states and their ministerial/regulatory bodies. As we are still refining our monitoring approach and broadening the range of calls included, we stress that this is an indicative and not an exhaustive digest.

The GE2P2 Global Foundation is striving to respond to these opportunities where the experience and prior analytical/advisory work of members of its community of practice suggest that a meaningful contribution can be developed. The Foundation also functions as the secretariat for the Global Forum for Research Ethics and Integrity, a global group of individuals from over 30 countries who collaborate on analysis and action – including response to public consultation opportunities primarily focused on global health and biomedical research.

Individuals and organizations/institutions interested in collaborating on responses to any of the opportunities listed below are welcome to contact David R Curry, GE2P2 Global Foundation, at

Acknowledgements: We appreciate the support of Foundation Senior Fellow Gerald Schatz, JD for his continuing support in helping identify calls included in this digest, and Associate Fellow Sedem Adiabu, MPH for her critical role in the secretariat functions which support development of submissions to selected calls.