UN Secretary-General Presents 10 Priorities for 2021

Global Governance

UN Secretary-General Presents 10 Priorities for 2021
3 February 2021
:: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres outlined ten priorities for 2021 during a UNGA plenary meeting on 28-29 January 2021.
:: He explained how the 2030 Agenda points the way to a sustainable and inclusive recovery from COVID-19, how humans can “make peace with nature,” and a strategy for increasing women’s rights.
:: The Secretary-General also provided indications of the recommendations he may make to governments in September 2021 for resetting global governance.

UN Secretary-General’s Ten Priorities for 2021 are:
:: Respond to COVID-19
:: Start an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery
:: Make peace with nature
:: Tackle poverty and inequality
:: Reverse the assault on human rights
:: Gender equality, the greatest human rights challenge
:: Heal geopolitical rifts
:: Reverse the erosion of the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime
:: Seize the opportunities of digital technologies while protecting against their growing dangers
:: Launch a reset for the 21st century

Guterres said the first priority is responding to COVID-19, and the “first great moral test” of the year is to make vaccines available and affordable to all, treating them as a global public good. He called for prioritizing vaccine distribution to the most vulnerable in order to prevent mutations from spreading and becoming more deadly, and for more resources for the COVAX facility led by the World Health Organization (WHO).

On economic recovery, Guterres said “the 2030 Agenda points the way.” He stressed the need for investments in health systems, universal health coverage, mental health care, social protection, and safe returns to school. To avoid making developing countries choose between providing basic services and servicing their debts, he called for a “quantum leap in financial support,” including debt relief and an expansion of the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative. He also called for embracing renewable energy and green and resilient infrastructure…