Atlas AI Launches Aperture™ – Unlocking Unparalleled Insight to Target Investments and Drive Impact in Emerging Markets

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Atlas AI Launches Aperture™ – Unlocking Unparalleled Insight to Target Investments and Drive Impact in Emerging Markets
Feb 04 2021 Press Release
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – Atlas AI today announced the launch of Aperture™, a market and economic intelligence platform unlocking unparalleled insight into demographic, economic and infrastructure conditions across the emerging markets. Aperture integrates Atlas AI’s proprietary data layers into a user-friendly web-based application to enable site selection, market prioritization and network optimization for businesses and investors making high stakes location-based decisions in regions traditionally starved for reliable and timely data. Aperture is available for the full continent of Africa at launch, with plans to expand the software globally later in 2021…

Transforming how billions of dollars are invested for a more sustainable future
Atlas AI bring together world class machine learning talent and deep domain expertise to develop software that allows customers to plan and monitor high stakes investments including infrastructure development initiatives and market expansion programs.

Atlas AI was founded in 2018 as a Public Benefit Corporation by a team of Stanford University Professors – Marshall Burke, Stefano Ermon, and David Lobell – based on their pioneering research at the intersection of Economics, Earth Science, and Computer Science. Marshall, Stefano and David had spent years advancing research on how to apply cutting edge AI techniques to develop better quality and more localized socioeconomic measures in data sparse environments like Sub-Saharan Africa.
Atlas AI resulted from their desire to translate these research techniques into market-ready data sets, and to expand access to insights about economic development in the emerging markets to help solve important societal pro

Launching with four critical lenses on economic development
Atlas AI’s peer-reviewed and validated technology enables the highest quality understanding of conditions across Africa:

Population Dynamics
Understand the demographic data across the continent, we combine public data sets to provide a holistic demographic insight.
Africa (continent wide)
Updated annually Last update: 2020

Economic Conditions
Understand the economic data across the continent, identify trends across key identifies such as Asset wealth, etc
Africa (continent wide)
Updated annually Last update: 2018

Understand the infrastructure data across the continent, analyse electrification trends across the continent.
Africa (continent wide)
Updated annually Last update: Dec 2019

Agricultural Productivity
On demand
We provide on-demand crop monitoring and large-scale crop area and yield estimates for current and past growing seasons anywhere at a 10m spatial resolution.