New Report Warns Number of Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants could Rise to 7 million in 2021


New Report Warns Number of Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants could Rise to 7 million in 2021
Organization of American States (OAS)
December 30, 2020
A new report prepared by the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) warns that the number of Venezuelan refugees and migrants could rise to 7 million in 2021 if the countries of the region reopen their borders and the regime in Venezuela remains in place.

The Situation Report , prepared by the Office of the OAS General Secretariat for this crisis, headed by David Smolansky, presents a balance of the year 2020 for Venezuelan refugees and migrants. Among the report’s findings, it highlights that:
:: The Covid-19 pandemic worsened the Venezuelan migration crisis in 2020. Although the outflow slowed down due to border closures and mandatory confinement, these measures increased the difficulties faced by Venezuelan migrants and refugees and, therefore, the challenges of care, protection and integration.
:: The conditions of vulnerability in which Venezuelan migrants arrive in host countries are increasingly critical after the deepening crisis in Venezuela.
:: The remains of 33 Venezuelan migrants who fled their country by sea, including minors, have been found on the maritime border between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago.
:: If borders reopen in the first quarter of 2021 and the illegitimate regime in Venezuela continues in power, the number of migrants and refugees could rise to 7 million.

After the publication of the document, Smolansky emphasized that “the only solution to stop this unprecedented human landslide in the region is for Venezuela to have a transition towards democracy and for Venezuelans to progressively regain their freedoms. This is the only way forced migration will stop and incentives for return will emerge.”…