6th Meeting of the Technical & Advisory Committee of the Great Museum of Africa

Heritage Stewardship

6th Meeting of the Technical & Advisory Committee of the Great Museum of Africa
November 19, 2020
The Technical and Advisory Committee of the Great Museum of Africa (GMA) held their 6th Meeting Virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In July 2016, the Executive Council of the African Union approved the establishment of the Great Museum of Africa to be located in Algiers as a Flagship Project of Agenda 2063 in its 1st Ten Year Implementation Plan (EX./CL/921 (XXIX))…

The Meeting was presented with the data collected from the public consultation on the Great Museum of Africa which highlighted the following: Knowledge of the concept of the GMA and its main feature including its vision and mission; its governance structure; communication and marketing strategy. The Meeting called for a wide dissemination of the survey link including social media networks to allow for popularization and dissemination of the Great Museum of Africa concept. The public consultation will be opened until the end of December 2020.

…The African Charter for African Cultural Renaissance recognises the important role that culture pays in mobilising and unifying people around common ideals and promoting African culture to build the ideals of Pan-Africanism. The Great African Museum project aims to create awareness about Africa’s vast, dynamic and diverse cultural artefacts and the influence Africa has had and continues to have on the various cultures of the world in areas such as art, music, language, science, and so on. The Great African Museum will be a focal centre for preserving and promoting the African cultural heritage.

The Great African Museum will be responsible for the collection, preservation, study, interpretation, and exhibition of Africa’s diverse cultures, heritage, history, and outstanding natural beauty, for integration, intercultural engagements, and economic prosperity. Through its collections, activities and advocacy, the Great African Museum will inspire generations to harness the continent’s history and endowments for advancement and promote cultural and creative industries, integration, solidarity, respect of values and mutual understanding in order to foster peace and promote a positive image of Africa.