Coronavirus [COVID-19] (PHEIC)

 Coronavirus [COVID-19]
Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

Weekly Epidemiological and Operational updates
last update: 8 October 2020, 20:00 GMT-4
Confirmed cases :: 42 055 863 [week ago: 39 023 292] [two weeks ago: 36 754 395]
Confirmed deaths :: 1 141 567 [week ago: 1 099 586] [two weeks ago: 1 064 838]
Countries, areas or territories with cases :: 218
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WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 23 October 2020
:: We are at a critical juncture in this pandemic, particularly in the northern hemisphere. The next few months are going to be very tough and some countries are on a dangerous track.  We urge leaders to take immediate action, to prevent further unnecessary deaths, essential health services from collapsing and schools shutting again.
:: Oxygen is one of the most essential medicines for saving patients with COVID-19, and many other conditions. WHO is committed to working in solidarity with all governments, partners and the private sector to scale up sustainable oxygen supply.
:: Tomorrow marks World Polio Day week, and partners around the world – led in particular by Rotary International – are organising events and raising awareness about the need to eradicate polio.
:: Smallpox eradication is a remarkable achievement, not least because it was completed at the heart of the Cold War. Health did then and should now always come above politics and it is with sadness that this week we lost one of the great titans of smallpox eradication with the passing of Dr Mike Lane. We will continue to honour his legacy.
:: WHO is proud to announce the second Health for All Film Festival, to cultivate visual storytelling about public health.