Call for a Coordinated, Equitable, and Human Rights-based Global Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 :: Equity, Human Rights

Call for a Coordinated, Equitable, and Human Rights-based Global Response to COVID-19
World Federation of Public Health Associations
Friday, 17 April 2020
WFPHA has signed Call for Global Action Plan on COVID-19. The undersigned 99 organizations and 40 individuals call upon heads of state and government of G20 countries to ensure a robust, coordinated global response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic that is humane, equitable, based in the universality of human rights, and meets the needs of countries and people who are most vulnerable and have the fewest resources…

3. Maximize supply and share health resources globally, equitably and based on need
Higher-income countries have insufficient necessary medical supplies and equipment, yet shortfalls in lower-income countries are far greater still, with a lack of personal protective equipment putting large numbers of health workers at preventable risk, and causing countless avoidable COVID-19 patient deaths. We therefore call upon your governments to:
:: Use the full authorities under your law to demand the utmost efforts of manufacturers to maximize
:: Support WHO in developing a global pool of intellectual property rights for technologies for preventing, detecting, controlling, and treating the COVID-19 pandemic, to make the intellectual property needed to manufacture these technologies and secure their regulator approval freely accessible or available through licensing at reasonable and affordable terms, as proposed by the government of Costa Rica
:: Implement your 26 March 2020 commitment to ensure medical supplies are widely available at affordable prices, on an equitable basis, where most needed, and as quickly as possible, through all necessary actions, which may include:
:: Supporting WHO in developing guidelines to determine where supplies and equipment should be distributed based on these principles; supporting WHO in developing a platform to facilitate needs-based, equitable distribution; and adhering to WHO guidelines
:: Agreeing to donate a significant proportion of any procurements of these supplies and equipment available to WHO, for it to distribute equitably, based on need
. Regularly, publicly report on how you are meeting your 26 March 2020 commitment
. For countries past the peak of their epidemics, or with sufficient levels of supplies and equipment,
share not presently needed supplies and equipment based on the same principles of need and

4. Distribute therapies and vaccines equitably, based on need
Once developed, COVID-19 therapies and vaccines for COVID-19 must also be distributed equitably, based on need, and not on where they are manufactured or what country can pay the most. We therefore call upon your governments to:
:: Work with WHO to develop a plan for manufacturing and distributing any COVID-19 vaccines globally, equitably, based on need, and free at the point of use; and commit to following this plan
:: Immediately provide the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations the $2 billion it requires to support developing a vaccine
:: Require any vaccines developed with public funding to be available to governments and international organizations at affordable prices…

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