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Ebola – DRC+
Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

Ebola Outbreak in DRC 81: 23 February 2020
Situation Update
This week, the incidence of new confirmed Ebola virus disease (EVD) cases remained low (Figure 1). From 17 to 23 February 2020, one new confirmed case was reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The case was reported in Beni Health Zone, North Kivu Province on 17 February 2020. The person is a contact of a confirmed case, was under surveillance at the time of illness onset, and is now receiving care at an Ebola Treatment Centre.

In the past 21 days (3 to 23 February 2020), the outbreak has been confined to a relatively small geographic area. During this period, five new confirmed cases were reported from two health areas in North Kivu Province; both areas are within Beni Health Zone (Figure 2, Table 1). It has been more than 21 days since new cases were confirmed from Mabalako Health Zone, and over 42 days since new cases were detected in Musienene Health Zone.

While we are cautiously optimistic about the overall trend and reduced geographic spread of the outbreak, the risk of resurgence within the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighbouring countries remains high, and the continued containment of the outbreak is contingent on maintaining access and security in affected communities…

For the third consecutive week, new confirmed cases have only been reported from Beni Health Zone. While there is room for cautious optimism regarding the low number of new confirmed cases reported recently, continued access and heightened vigilance is required to mitigate risks of potential re-emergence of the outbreak.