The Prioritization of Island Nations as Refuges from Extreme Pandemics

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Risk Analysis
Volume 40, Issue 2 Pages: 215-438 February 2020
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The Prioritization of Island Nations as Refuges from Extreme Pandemics
Matt Boyd, Nick Wilson
Pages: 227-239
First Published: 23 September 2019
In this conceptual article with illustrative data, we suggest that it is useful to rank island nations as potential refuges for ensuring long‐term human survival in the face of catastrophic pandemics (or other relevant existential threats). Prioritization could identify the several island nations that are most suitable for targeting social and political preparations and further investment in resiliency. We outline a prioritization methodology and as an initial demonstration, we then provide example rankings by considering 20 sovereign island states (all with populations greater than 250,000 and no land borders). Results describe each nation in nine resilience‐relevant domains covering location, population, resources, and society according to published data.