ID2020 Alliance accelerates towards “good” digital identity through launch of Certification Mark and new Alliance member

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ID2020 Alliance accelerates towards “good” digital identity through launch of Certification Mark and new Alliance member
DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The ID2020 Alliance today announced the launch of its new Certification Mark initiative, which is an opportunity to recognize technologies that meet ID2020’s technical requirements and could form the basis of a “good” digital identity. The Alliance also welcomed new member, CARE USA, at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos today.

ID2020’s Certification Mark reaffirms the Alliance’s mission to improve lives through digital identity by creating a trustmark for digital identity technologies that meet ID2020’s technical requirements. The Certification Mark gives companies developing digital identity technologies in line with ID2020’s core principles of portability, persistence, privacy, and user-control a way to demonstrate their commitment to “good” digital identity in the market, incentivizing a race to the top. It draws inspirations from efforts like the Trustable Tech Mark to develop a “badge of honor” for companies and organizations designing technology with user privacy and rights top-of-mind. And it builds upon ID2020’s technical requirements and the efforts of the ID2020 Technical Advisory Committee, a group that comprises many of the world’s leading experts on digital identity and its underlying technologies.

“The Certification Mark is a critical step in ensuring that digital identity technologies brought to market adhere to the highest standards of privacy protection, user-control and interoperability,” said ID2020 board member Kim Cameron, who serves as Architect of Identity and Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft. “Microsoft is excited to work with ID2020 as it organizes stakeholders world-wide to take an active role in shaping ethical and user-in-control privacy-protecting technical design.”

ID2020 board member and Gavi CEO Seth Berkley added, “At Gavi, we recognize how important it is that technology used in development settings protect individual privacy. Our partnership with ID2020 allows us to better understand the rapidly evolving digital identity landscape, and the launch of the Certification Mark provides valuable shorthand that Gavi, other development organizations, and governments can rely on to ensure that privacy and data protection are never compromised.”…