Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)
Polio this week as of 18 December 2018 [GPEI]
:: Featured on http://www.polioeradication.org:  interview with Jean- Marc Olivé, Chairman of the Technical Advisory Group, on what needs to be done to end polio in the Horn of Africa; Djibouti carried out a successful round of National Immunization Days (NIDs) since 2015 to avoid risk of polio virus importation.

Summary of new viruses this week:
Afghanistan –WPV1-positive environmental samples;
Pakistan – seven WPV1-positive environmental samples;
Nigeria – one cVDPV2 AFP case and three cVDPV2-positive environmental samples.



Editor’s Note:
WHO has posted a refreshed emergencies page which presents an updated listing of Grade 3,2,1 emergencies as below.

WHO Grade 3 Emergencies  [to 22 Dec 2018]
Democratic Republic of the Congo
:: 20: Situation report on the Ebola outbreak in North Kivu  18 December 2018
:: DONs Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo  20 December 2018

[See Milestones above for more detail]

Bangladesh – Rohingya crisis
:: Weekly Situation Report 55 – 13 December 2018
:: The fourth round of oral cholera vaccination (OCV) campaign was completed with 108% coverage. A total of 356,202 people received vaccination.
:: A total of three new diphtheria case-patients (three suspected) were reported this week. Total case-patients reported in EWARS is now 8,327. 

Syrian Arab Republic
:: Cancer treatment in Syria improves following State of Kuwait donation  19 December 2018

:: WHO enhances access to basic health care in Yemen  17 December 2018

Myanmar – No new announcements identified
Nigeria – No new announcements identified
Somalia – No new announcements identified
South Sudan – No new announcements identified


WHO Grade 2 Emergencies  [to 22 Dec 2018]
:: Italy supports physical and mental health services in Ninewa   Baghdad 18 December

Brazil (in Portugese) – No new announcements identified
Cameroon  – No new announcements identified
Central African Republic  – No new announcements identified
Ethiopia – No new announcements identified
Hurricane Irma and Maria in the Caribbean – No new announcements identified
occupied Palestinian territory – No new announcements identified
Libya – No new announcements identified
MERS-CoV – No new announcements identified
Niger – No new announcements identified
Sao Tome and Principe Necrotizing Cellulitis (2017) – No new announcements identified
Sudan – No new announcements identified
Ukraine – No new announcements identified
Zimbabwe – No new announcements identified

WHO-AFRO: Outbreaks and Emergencies Bulletin, Week 49: 08-14 December 2018
The WHO Health Emergencies Programme is currently monitoring 57 events in the region. This week’s edition covers key ongoing events, including:
:: Lassa fever in Benin
:: Ebola virus disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
:: Yellow fever in Nigeria
::Measles in Madagascar.


WHO Grade 1 Emergencies  [to 22 Dec 2018]
Indonesia – Sulawesi earthquake 2018
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Namibia – viral hepatitis
Philippines – Tyhpoon Mangkhut


UN OCHA – L3 Emergencies
The UN and its humanitarian partners are currently responding to three ‘L3’ emergencies. This is the global humanitarian system’s classification for the response to the most severe, large-scale humanitarian crises. 
:: Yemen Humanitarian Update Covering 1 – 13 December 2018 | Issue 34

Key Issues
:: Recent IPC analysis indicates that over 20 million face severe food insecurity in Yemen.
:: The upsurge in Yemen’s migrant arrivals exceeds 2018 arrivals to Europe via the Mediterranean Seaw.
:: Polio campaign reaches 4.6 million children, 84 per cent of target.
:: The trend of suspected cholera cases remains stable.

Syrian Arab Republic   
:: Syria Crisis: Northeast Syria Situation Report No. 30 (1 November – 14 December 2018)
:: Fact Sheet: United Nations Cross-border Operations from Turkey to Syria | as of 30 November 2018 [EN/AR] Published on 17 Dec 2018


UN OCHA – Corporate Emergencies
When the USG/ERC declares a Corporate Emergency Response, all OCHA offices, branches and sections provide their full support to response activities both at HQ and in the field.
Ethiopia  No new announcements identified.
Somalia  – No new announcements identified.


“Other Emergencies”
Indonesia: Central Sulawesi EarthquakeNo new announcements identified.