Universal Periodic Review – Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Council –Universal Periodic Review
Universal Periodic Review – Saudi Arabia
Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review
Thirty-first session
5–16 November 2018
National report submitted in accordance with paragraph 15 (a) of the annex to Human Rights Council resolution 5/1
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia*
V. Compliance with the applicable rules of international humanitarian law
138. The Kingdom is keen to comply fully with the provisions and rules of international humanitarian law and international human rights law. As such, it affirms that all military operations by the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen are conducted in a manner fully consistent with those provisions and rules. Coalition forces are anxious not only to spare the civilian population, particularly women and children, and civilian objects from the effects of the armed conflict but have assumed responsibility for protecting them from the gross abuses committed by Iranian-backed Houthi armed militias, including indiscriminate attacks, killing, torture, forced evacuation and disappearance, blockade and the use of child soldiers.

139. The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen has put in place strict rules of engagement consistent with the provisions and rules of international humanitarian law, including a number of mechanisms and procedures to prevent targeting errors. The Coalition investigates all allegations of the targeting of civilians, civilian facilities and humanitarian organizations and announces the results of these investigations at press conferences.

140. The Coalition accords maximum importance to humanitarian relief in Yemen and coordinates activity with international organizations. The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre is working in partnership with a number of domestic and international organizations and institutions to implement a raft of projects and programmes, including a project to tackle the cholera epidemic caused by the damage done by Iranian-backed Houthi armed militias to the environmental and health facilities which would have helped prevent the spread of the disease. The Centre has also launched a number of programmes to rehabilitate child soldiers conscripted by Iranian-backed Houthi armed militias, as well as support projects for Yemeni women and families. In addition, the Centre has launched nutrition, medical, health and environmental projects to address the impact of the shortage of food and medicines and raise the capacity of the health services to support the human right to food and medicine within a framework of standards free of any discrimination or prejudice.

141. Under the 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen, announced by the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, the Kingdom has contributed 465 million US dollars of financial aid through the United Nations to cover programmes implemented by various United Nations organizations. At the same time, it has contributed 35 million dollars to support infrastructure projects in Yemen…