Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)
Polio this week as of 26 June 2018 [GPEI]
:: The Republic of Korea becomes the first donor to support polio outbreak response in the Horn of Africa.
Summary of newly-reported viruses this week:
DRC : Three cVDPV cases type 2
Papua New Guinea: One  cVDPV case type 1
Somalia: One cVDPV case combining type 2 and type 3 and, two cVDPV cases type 3

Papua New Guinea confirms poliovirus outbreak, launches response
PORT MORESBY, 25 June 2018 – The National Department of Health of Papua New Guinea and the World Health Organization (WHO) today confirmed that the strain of poliovirus first detected in a child from Morobe Province in April is now circulating in the same community.
The one confirmed case is a 6-year-old boy with lower limb weakness, first detected on 28 April 2018. A vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 (VDPV1) had been isolated as the cause of the paralysis on 21 May 2018.
On 22 June 2018, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the same virus was also isolated from stool specimens of two healthy children from the same community. This means that the virus is circulating in the community—representing an outbreak of the virus.
“We are deeply concerned about this polio case in Papua New Guinea, and the fact that the virus is circulating,” said Pascoe Kase, Secretary of the National Department of Health (NDOH). “Our immediate priority is to respond and prevent more children from being infected.”…
Public health response
Outbreak response activities are ongoing in Morobe Province. Experts from the NDOH, Papua New Guinea’s Central Public Health Laboratory, Provincial Health Authorities, UNICEF and WHO have conducted field missions to undertake clinical investigation, house-to-house surveys, sample collection and contact tracing.
The team also collected stool specimens from family members of the patient and from the community. A “mop up” immunization campaign was done in the community targeting children under 15 years old. To date, 845 children from the Lufa Mountain Settlement have been vaccinated…


WHO Grade 3 Emergencies  [to 30 Jun 2018]
The Syrian Arab Republic
:: Syria crisis – SOUTHERN SYRIA UPDATE  Issue 1 – 26-28 June 2018
Iraq  – No new announcements identified
Nigeria  – No new announcements identified
South Sudan  – Webpage not responding at inquiry
Yemen  – No new announcements identified

WHO Grade 2 Emergencies  [to 30 Jun 2018]
[Several emergency pages were not available at inquiry]
:: Additional workforce added to Cox’s Bazar hospital to strengthen Rohingya refugee response
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, 21 June 2018: To strengthen health services for Rohingya refugees and their host communities in Cox’s Bazar, additional health workforce has been added to the district hospital here, the only facility providing referral services to nearly 1.3 million vulnerable population at increased risk of diseases in the ongoing rainy season.
“The additional staff will help augment service delivery at the hospital as we seek to enhance capacities to treat acute watery diarrhoea cases, in addition to trauma and obstetric care,” said Dr Bardan Jung Rana, WHO Representative to Bangladesh.
With funding from the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief), 86 additional staff including 25 medical officers and 40 nurses, have been hired by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for the Sadar district hospital…

Cameroon  – No new announcements identified
Central African Republic  No new announcements identified.
Democratic Republic of the Congo  No new announcements identified
Ethiopia  No new announcements identified.
LibyaNo new announcements identified.
Niger  – No new announcements identified.
UkraineNo new announcements identified.

UN OCHA – L3 Emergencies
The UN and its humanitarian partners are currently responding to three ‘L3’ emergencies. This is the global humanitarian system’s classification for the response to the most severe, large-scale humanitarian crises. 
:: Yemen: Al Hudaydah Update Situation Report No. 6, 27 June 2018

Syrian Arab Republic  – No new announcements identified.


UN OCHA – Corporate Emergencies
When the USG/ERC declares a Corporate Emergency Response, all OCHA offices, branches and sections provide their full support to response activities both at HQ and in the field.
Ethiopia  – No new announcements identified.
Somalia   No new announcements identified.

Editor’s Note:
We will cluster these recent emergencies as below and continue to monitor the WHO webpages for updates and key developments.

EBOLA/EVD  [to 30 Jun 2018]
Ebola situation reports: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Case numbers can fluctuate on a daily basis due to many factors including enhanced surveillance, local laboratory capacity, possible communication delays caused by the challenge of accessing remote locations and constant reclassification of cases. Suspected cases with conclusively negative laboratory tests are systematically removed from the case counts.
Latest numbers as of 28 June 2018
:: Confirmed cases: 38
:: Probable cases: 15
:: Suspect cases: 2
:: Total cases: 55 (including 29 deaths)
2018 Ebola outbreak situation reports
Ebola Outbreak in DRC: 26 June 2018