Global Partnership for Education launches new public-private initiative to address the data challenge in global education

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Global Partnership for Education launches new public-private initiative to address the data challenge in global education

DAKAR, Senegal, February 1, 2018 – In an effort to help developing countries strengthen their collection, management and utilization of education data, high-level representatives from the private sector, international organizations, developing country governments and other partners are coming together at the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Financing Conference to launch a major new initiative called the Education Data Solutions Roundtable.

The initiative aims to improve developing countries’ capacity to gather accurate, comprehensive and timely data, which is essential to understand where improvements are needed in education systems and where progress is being made.

“More and better data are essential to building effective and resilient education systems that deliver quality schooling at scale,” said Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer, Global Partnership for Education. “The data challenge is one of our most pressing priorities. Without the right information about the performance of their education systems, including data about the number of children in school and their learning progress, governments are essentially flying blind. That is why most of our grants fund country-level data improvements.”
The new public-private initiative recognizes that the business community, in partnership with other stakeholders in development, can offer innovative solutions, creative thinking and new technology that will drive improvements at community, regional, national and ultimately global levels. The initiative is part of the Global Partnership for Education’s knowledge and exchange work.

UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics (UIS) is a central partner in the initiative. It serves as the statistical office of UNESCO and the primary UN repository for cross-nationally comparable statistics on education covering more than 200 countries and territories…


In Dakar, a Major Mobilization to Finance Education Worldwide
02 February 2018 UNESCO News Release

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay commended the pledges announced by over 60 countries at the Global Partnership for Education Financing Conference in Dakar (Senegal), co-chaired by France and Senegal, and of which UNESCO is a partner.

“In the face of an education emergency, these commitments represent an investment in the future of millions of children and youth, and a crucial contribution in the implementation of inclusive and equitable quality education, the goal for which UNESCO leads global efforts in the framework of the 2030 Agenda. Education is the key to development and peace, but we are in a situation of massive under-investment. The consequences are well known. We need collective intelligence in action for a long-term political vision that is coherent and financed. UNESCO will be fully engaged in this collective effort, through the mandate that has been entrusted to us by our Member States,” stated the Director-General,

UNESCO estimates an annual financing gap of $39 billion to achieve universal education from early childhood to secondary level in low and middle-income countries by 2030.