Reproductive Health [Accessed 16 July 2016]

Reproductive Health
[Accessed 16 July 2016]

Study protocol
Zika virus infection in pregnant women in Honduras: study protocol
Although there is increasing evidence for a relationship between symptomatic Zika virus (ZIKV) maternal infection, and microcephaly, a firm causal relation has yet to be established by epidemiologic studies.
Pierre Buekens, Jackeline Alger, Fernando Althabe, Eduardo Bergel, Amanda M. Berrueta, Carolina Bustillo, Maria-Luisa Cafferata, Emily Harville, Karla Rosales, Dawn M. Wesson and Concepcion Zuniga
Reproductive Health 2016 13:82
Published on: 16 July 2016


Male involvement in reproductive, maternal and child health: a qualitative study of policymaker and practitioner perspectives in the Pacific
The importance of involving men in reproductive, maternal and child health programs is increasingly recognised globally. In the Pacific region, most maternal and child health services do not actively engage ex…
Jessica Davis, Joseph Vyankandondera, Stanley Luchters, David Simon and Wendy Holmes
Reproductive Health 2016 13:81
Published on: 16 July 2016