Refugee Survey Quarterly – Volume 35 Issue 2 June 2016

Refugee Survey Quarterly
Volume 35 Issue 2 June 2016
Special Issue: Humanitarianism and the Migration Crisis
Guest Editor: Tom Scott-Smith
Humanitarian Dilemmas in a Mobile World
Tom Scott-Smith
Refugee Survey Quarterly (2016) 35 (2): 1-21 doi:10.1093/rsq/hdw001

Search and Rescue in the Mediterranean Sea: Negotiating Political Differences
Hernan del Valle
Refugee Survey Quarterly (2016) 35 (2): 22-40 doi:10.1093/rsq/hdw002

Detention of Migrants and Asylum-Seekers: The Challenge for Humanitarian Actors
Ioanna Kotsioni
Refugee Survey Quarterly (2016) 35 (2): 41-55 doi:10.1093/rsq/hdw004

Be Near a Road: Humanitarian Practice and Displaced Persons in North Kivu
Sean Healy and Sandrine Tiller
Refugee Survey Quarterly (2016) 35 (2): 56-78 doi:10.1093/rsq/hdw003

Aid and the Perpetuation of Refugee Camps: The Case of Dadaab in Kenya 1991–2011
Hakim Chkam
Refugee Survey Quarterly (2016) 35 (2): 79-97 doi:10.1093/rsq/hdw005

Continuity of Care for Migrant Populations in Southern Africa
Aurélie Ponthieu and Andrea Incerti
Refugee Survey Quarterly (2016) 35 (2): 98-115 doi:10.1093/rsq/hdw006

The Journey to Dreamland Never Ends: A Refugee’s Journey from Somalia to Sweden
Ali Hassan and Linn Biörklund