IRCT [to 25 April 2015]

IRCT [to 25 April 2015]
African NGO Forum: IRCT members promote the right to rehabilitation at the 56th session of African Commission for Human and People’s Rights
24 April 2015

IRCT congratulates RCTV Memoria on 15th anniversary
22 April 2015

To properly address forced migration, eradicating torture is an indispensable task
21 April 2015
The latest capsizing in the Mediterranean in which at least 700 people lost their lives at sea south of the Italian island of Lampedusa, is a human tragedy that reinforces the urgent need to address the issue of forced migration in the EU, which will only be achieved by tackling the root causes that force people to flee.
“Every day in torture treatment centres across Africa and the Middle East our members respond to the needs of torture survivors. We know that torture persists in these countries and that for some victims the only choice is to flee – even if it means taking risks like those who boarded a small fishing vessel setting out to sea. This disaster shows that these people are not receiving the help they so desperately need at home. European leaders, and the European electorate, need to recognise this and do everything in their power to put an end to torture and where it persists, to ensure that its victims get the protection and assistance they need and have a right to,” says Victor Madrigal-Borloz, Secretary-General of the IRCT…
…“We call on the EU to acknowledge its responsibility to protect forced migrants who are risking their lives in search for safety. There is an urgent need to reintroduce proper rescue-at-sea operations, but the EU must also address the causes leading to these terrible tragedies and provide people in need with the proper legal framework so they can have adequate alternatives in line with international human rights standards” concluded Mr. Madrigal-Borloz.

Torture treatment outcomes, the DSM 5 and virginity testing in focus on the latest issue of Torture Journal
21 April 2015