Amref Health Africa [to 25 April 2015]

Amref Health Africa [to 25 April 2015]

Invest in the Future and Defeat Malaria, urges Amref Health Africa
Published: 24 April 2015
World Malaria Day Statement [Excerpt]
…Amref Health Africa is implementing programs to contribute to the elimination of malaria in Africa and on this World Malaria Day, it renews its commitment to working hand in hand with governments, development partners and civil society organisations to:
:: Explore innovative ways of engaging communities to empower them to scale up malaria prevention strategies
:: Support countries to scale up the implementation of evidence-based, high impact interventions such as IPTp
:: Hold governments accountable to deliver their promises on combating malaria.

Amref Health Africa realizes that governments are responsible for ensuring the right to health for their citizenry and commits to supporting governments to meet this objective. To that extent, Amref Health Africa urges governments as well as their development partners to:
:: Ensure universal coverage of quality diagnostics and treatment services to those in need
:: Invest in routine monitoring of antimalarial drug resistance
:: Avail funds for the development of new, alternative insecticides for use on bed nets
:: Support acceleration of development of a malaria vaccine.