United Nations – Secretary General, Security Council, General Assembly [to 21 February 2015]

United Nations – Secretary General, Security Council, General Assembly  [to 21 February 2015]
Selected Press Releases/Meetings Coverage
18 February 2015
Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Terrorism in Libya Critical, Special Representative Tells Security Council
“Horrific and brutal” acts of terrorism in Libya had “shaken our collective conscience” and must prompt swift action in support of the political process there, said the United Nations top official in that country as he briefed the Security Council this afternoon.

18 February 2015
Special Committee Speakers Seek Clarification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Use to Protect Peacekeepers in Increasingly Toxic Environments
Continuing its 2015 session today, the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations tackled a plethora of peacekeeping concerns from the use of new technology and civilian protection mandates to pre-deployment planning and training to troop reimbursement rates.

19 February 2015
Stressing 21 Million People Are ‘Modern Slaves’, Secretary-General Urges Further Global Efforts to End Trafficking, in World Day for Social Justice Message

19 February 2015
In Message to Special Committee, Secretary-General Urges International Community to Find Innovative Ways of Decolonization in Remaining 17 Territories

19 February 2015
Human Rights, Participation ‘Among Our Most Powerful Weapons’ against Terrorism, Says Secretary-General in Remarks to Summit on Violent Extremism

18 February 2015
In General Assembly Meeting on Ebola, Secretary-General Urges Member States to Sustain Crucial Work, Provide Resources Needed to Reach ‘Zero Cases’