Start Network [Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies] [to 24 January 2015]

Start Network [Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies] [to 24 January 2015]

Two more projects join the DEPP portfolio!
January 21, 2015
Posted by Tegan Rogers
We are delighted to announce that two more projects have joined the DFID Disaster Emergency Preparedness Programme (DEPP): ‘Alert’ and ‘Better dialogue. Better information. Better action.’

The Start Network’s ‘Alert’ Project, led by HelpAge, is a £2m project to develop a tool for collaboration around disaster preparedness. This is a consortium project also including members from Oxfam, CARE, Islamic Relief, Handicap International and Concern.

The CDAC-Network ‘Better dialogue. Better information. Better action’ project is a £3m initiative aimed at improving effective delivery through information sharing and two-way communication with and between disaster-affected communities.

The DEPP represents an innovative collaboration over three years between Start Network, CDAC-Network and DFID. DFID have committed up to £40m to improve the quality and speed of crisis response in at-risk countries. The DEPP aims to strengthen humanitarian capacity across the system with a focus on local humanitarian workers at the national level…