United Nations – Selected Press Releases [to 20 December 2014]

United Nations – Selected Press Releases [to 20 December 2014]
Secretary General, Security Council, General Assembly

19 December 2014
At Ebola Treatment Centre in Sierra Leone, Secretary-General Tells Caregivers ‘You Are Bringing Your Country and the Entire World to a More Hopeful Place’
Following are UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks, as prepared for delivery, at the Ebola Treatment Unit in Hastings, Sierra Leone, today:
[Concluding comments]
… Ebola remains a global crisis, and we must stop it at its source. The only acceptable goal is zero cases. A single case is all it takes to start an outbreak. All of us, whoever we work for, must remain super-vigilant. Our task is to prevent Ebola from becoming endemic in the region.
The crisis will end when the last person to experience Ebola is under treatment and there is no other case for at least 42 days. To do this, there will be a constant need for reliable data, skilled professionals, good management, effective coordination, and finance.
Our task, within the UN system, is to help you locate and access these resources. We cannot rest till you have what you need to complete the task. There can be no let-up.
We need to get kids back in school, fields planted, and markets up and running again. And beyond halting Ebola, we need to build up health systems and other infrastructure that will forestall something similar occurring in the future.
We owe this to millions of people across West Africa whose lives have been disrupted and plunged into misery. We owe this to the health-care workers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in answering the call of service.
To all the people of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, I say: The United Nations has stood with you for years in your quest for development and peace, and we will continue to be your close partner now.
Thank you again for your leadership in the Ebola response. It has been an honour to see you in action here today. In your person and in your work, you are the embodiment of compassion and commitment. In bringing comfort to those in need, you are bringing your country and the entire world to a more hopeful place.

19 December 2014
Security Council, Adopting Resolution 2195 (2014), Urges International Action to Break Links between Terrorists, Transnational Organized Crime
During an all-day open debate presided over by the Foreign Minister of Chad, the Security Council called for international action to prevent terrorists from benefiting from transnational organized crime, through securing borders and prosecuting illicit networks.

19 December 2014
Acting upon Recommendation by Second Committee, General Assembly Adopts 43 Texts, Defers Action on Sovereign Debt Restructuring Framework Draft
The General Assembly, acting on the recommendation of its Second Committee (Economic and Financial), today adopted 38 resolutions — seven requiring recorded votes — and five decisions on a range of issues relating to strengthening the post-2015 agenda. Those included external debt, creation of a new international economic order, the multidimensional nature of development and poverty, South-South cooperation, liberalization of world trade, promotion of new and renewable sources of energy, and problems of countries in special situations.