United Nations – Selected Meetings Coverage and Press Releases [to 24 May 2014]

United Nations – Selected Meetings Coverage and Press Releases [to 24 May 2014]

Committee Grants Special Consultative Status to 15 Non-Governmental Organizations, While Deferring Action on Applications of 38 Others (23 May 2014)
The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations today recommended 15 organizations for special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council, and deferred action on 38 others.

Growth-Driven Quality Jobs Key to Reducing Poverty in Post-2015 Era, Delegates Stress during General Assembly Meeting (23 May 2014)
Sustained, inclusive growth aimed at creating decent, quality jobs for the millions of unemployed, underemployed and informally employed people around the world was the key to reducing poverty in the post-2015 era, speakers in the General Assembly said today.

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Concludes Thirteenth Session, Forwarding Several Reports for Adoption by Economic and Social Council (23 May 2014)
The Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues concluded its thirteenth session today, sending nine draft reports to the Economic and Social Council containing proposals, recommendations and five draft decisions, including a call for the General Assembly President to act swiftly to ensure the fullest participation of indigenous peoples in all aspects of the World Conference set for September.

Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations Recommends Status for Nine Entities, Defers 33 (22 May 2014)

Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations Recommends Status for 32 Entities, Defers 30 (21 May 2014)

Attention in Permanent Forum Shifts to Safeguarding Indigenous Peoples’ Inclusion in Shaping Post-2015 Development Agenda (21 May 2014)

‘Do Not Lose Hope’ if Efforts to Embed Respect for Indigenous Rights in National Processes Do Not Yield Immediate Results, Permanent Forum Told (20 May 2014)

Reaffirming World’s Commitment to Youth, General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Commemorating Children’s Rights Convention (20 May 2014)

Press Releases
Secretary-General, at General Assembly Meeting, Stresses Need to Make Employment ‘A Priority, Not an Afterthought’ (23 May 2014)

On Africa Day, More Must Be Done to Unleash Continent’s Agricultural Potential, Says Secretary-General, Pledging Continued United Nations Support (23 May 2014)

Security Council Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee Adds Boko Haram to Its Sanctions List (22 May 2014)

West Africa No Mere Transit Route for Drug Traffickers, but Also Growing Destination, Secretary-General Says in Message to Regional Conference (22 May 2014)

Society Can Only Be as Healthy as Its Mothers, Children, Secretary-General Tells China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission (22 May 2014)

Condemning Attacks in Nigeria, Secretary-General Seeks Government Proposals on How United Nations Can Help Secure Release of Abducted Girls (21 May 2014)

Good Intentions Must Be Translated into Credible Action, Secretary-General Tells Participants, as Pacific Regional Seminar on Decolonization Begins in Fiji (21 May 2014)

Adopt, Adapt, Scale up Best Practices to Protect Ecosystems amid ‘Unprecedented’ Loss of Island Biodiversity, Secretary-General Urges in Observance Message (21 May 2014)

Secretary-General, in Observance Message, Calls Obstetric Fistula ‘a Stark Reflection of Inequality at Its Worst’ (21 May 2014)

Wide Gap Remains between Targets, Policy Delivery on Global Development Partnership, Deputy Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Event (21 May 2014)

Concerned by Devastating Floods in Balkans, Secretary-General Thanks Member States for Prompt Response, Including Relief Teams, Civil-Military Support (20 May 2014)