IRCT [to 24 May 2014]

IRCT [to 24 May 2014]

Statements & declarations
Bolivia must create an adequate national mechanism to prevent torture
20 May 2014
A group of 31 human rights organisations are calling on the government of Bolivia to retract on recent steps taken to create a National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) that fails to uphold independence, ignoring recommendations by civil society organisations.
The group – which includes IRCT member Institute for Research and Therapy of Torture Sequels and State Violence (ITEI) – are particularly concerned with law 474, enacted by the Bolivian government in December 2013 to allow a Ministry of Justice institution to monitor cases of detention.
This state influence in monitoring places of detention conflicts with OPCAT provisions and with recommendation by civil society organisations who emphasise the importance of functional, personal and institutional independence for the establishment of an effective NPM.
Bolivia’s ratification of the OPCAT in 2005 sets out an obligation to create an effective NPM to prevent torture and ill-treatment…

In focus
The 2013 IRCT Annual Report is out
19 May 2014