Partners In Health [to 26 April 2014]

Partners In Health [to 26 April 2014]

Apr 25, 2014
Samson Njolomole: The Spirit of Togetherness
Samson Njolomole shares the amazing story of how he came to PIH/APZU, and reflects on the importance of working to eliminate the stigma of HIV. Read More ▸

Apr 22, 2014
The Trip to Lebakeng Health Center
What does it take to get from Maseru, Lesotho’s capital city, to the Lebakeng Health Center? An 8-hour car drive, a rowboat ride across the Telle River, and a 30-minute hike up the mountainside. During one recent trip, PIH/Lesotho staff delivered obstetrical and clinical supplies to nurses from Lebakeng Health Center. In exchange, the nurses handed over sputum samples to be taken back to Maseru for GeneXpert testing to determine if patients have TB and/or drug-resistant tuberculosis. Learn more about PIH/Lesotho.

Apr 21, 2014
Partners In Health Welcomes FACE AIDS Students
Student organization FACE AIDS joins forces with Partners In Health to strengthen the movement for the right to health. Read More ▸

Partners In Health ‏@PIH 1h
Help us raise awareness of the dangers of pregnancy for women in Haiti, Lesotho, & Malawi:

Partners In Health ‏@PIH Apr 25
In #Malawi, our mobile clinics work to treat & prevent malaria: #WorldMalariaDay

PATH [to 26 April 2014]

PATH [to 26 April 2014]

April 17, 2014
PATH marks World Malaria Day 2014
Events in Seattle and Berkeley, California, highlight progress and commitment toward eliminating malaria

PATH @PATHtweets Apr 26
VIDEO: A vaccine could help eradicate malaria. @MalariaVaccine #vaccineswork #defeatmalaria

PATH @PATHtweets Apr 25
RT @SteveDavisPATH: At PATH we’re working hard to #defeatmalaria permanently & we have a plan:

PATH @PATHtweets Apr 25
Dr. Ashley Birkett, Director of @MalariaVaccine says a world without malaria is possible @guardian #defeatmalaria

PATH @PATHtweets Apr 22
PATH is proud of our contributions to JE and ROTAVAC vaccines highlighted in this @gatesfoundation blog post: …

PATH @PATHtweets Apr 19
Our partnership with @msftcitizenship helped deliver this lifesaving vaccine in Laos. …

SOS-Kinderdorf International [to 26 April 2014]

SOS-Kinderdorf International [to 26 April 2014]

Children’s Villages @sos4children Apr 24
PHILIPPINES: Fishermen in get new boats from SOS, after their boats were destroyed by Typhoon #Haiyan …

Children’s Villages @sos4children Apr 23
MALAWI: Maternal deaths cut by 200 per 100,000 a year … #malawi

Children’s Villages @sos4children Apr 21
As countries in sub-Saharan Africa face food shortages in coming months, something must be done to prevent this

Tostan [to 26 April 2014]

Tostan [to 26 April 2014]

April 25, 2014
Celebrating Senegal’s National Day for Talibé
April 20th marked the National Day for Talibé in Senegal to raise awareness of the experience of talibés. Talibés are boys sent by their families to Koranic schools known as daaras to learn the tenets of Islam from a marabout or Koranic teacher. Begging was once a part of a talibé’s education in order to teach humility, but in urban centers and towns, these young students often are required to spend more time on the street begging than in the classroom. Talibés are at times exposed to harsh living environments and are aged on average from 5 to 16, and in rare cases they are as young as three.
Tostan has partnered with UNICEF and the mayor of Dakar since 2003 to celebrate the National Day for Talibé. Tostan, through its Child Protection Module, is advocating for a move towards modernizing daaras, which includes meeting safety standards and teaching from approved curricula. Communities and religious leaders are already organizing themselves and taking steps to improve their Koranic schools and communities…

Tostan @Tostan Apr 25
Since January 2013, @Tostan partner communities have used over 6000 mosquito nets to prevent malaria #WorldMalariaDay

Tostan @Tostan Apr 24
A10 @Half Women learn about their right to food & health which leads to healthy utilization of food #womenagchat

Tostan ‏@Tostan Apr 24
A9 @Half Communities learn to conduct feasibility studies & learn more about how to price their goods #womenagchat

Tostan @Tostan Apr 24
A4 @Half we provide grants managed by communities to help them establish their own microcredit system #womenagchat

Tostan @Tostan Apr 22
@Tostan partner communities create and lead sustainable solutions to environmental issues. See how: Happy #EarthDay!

United Nations – Selected Meetings Coverage and Press Releases [to 26 April 2014]

United Nations – Selected Meetings Coverage and Press Releases [to 26 April 2014]

Special Representative Describes Rape as Cheap, Devastating Weapon, Telling Security Council It Remains Largely ‘Cost-free’ (25 April 2014)
Rape was a “cheap and devastating weapon” affecting thousands of women, children and men and demanded the Security Council’s singular attention and action, senior officials told the 15-member body as more than 60 delegates expressed a range of views during a day-long debate on conflict-related sexual violence.

Consensus Eludes Disarmament Commission as It Concludes Triennial Cycle on Agenda Driven by Nuclear, Conventional Weapons (25 April 2014)
The Disarmament Commission concluded its 2014 session without an agreed outcome at the end of the third and final year of considering its agenda items on nuclear disarmament and conventional weapons.

Press Releases
Reaffirm Commitment to Eradicating Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Secretary-General Urges in Anniversary Message (25 April 2014)

Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Destructive as ‘Any Bomb or Bullet’, Secretary-General Tells Security Council Open Debate (25 April 2014)

Death Penalty Unfairly Targets Disadvantaged Groups, Secretary-General Tells Panel, Urging Its Universal Abolition ‘Once and for All’ (24 April 2014)

Leveraging Value of Knowledge-Based Economies Helps Promote National, Regional, Global Development, Secretary-General Tells Conference (24 April 2014)

Realizing Internet’s Promise Means Expanding Access to 4.3 Billion People without It, Secretary-General Tells Governance Forum (23 April 2014)

UNICEF [to 26 April 2014]

UNICEF [to 26 April 2014]

Media Releases [selected]
Three times more children treated for severe acute malnutrition in Bangui hospital than this time last year
BANGUI, Central African Republic, 25 April 2014 – The number of children being treated for severe acute malnutrition in Bangui’s largest in-patient centre during the first quarter of 2014 has tripled compared to last year, UNICEF said today.

Equatorial Guinea Kicks Off Polio Campaign with UNICEF and partners
BATA, Equatorial Guinea, 24 April 2014 – In response to the third confirmed case of poliovirus in Equatorial Guinea, the government, UNICEF, World Health Organization (WHO) and other partners have launched a national polio immunization campaign of children under 15.

Boston Activate Talk: Innovating to Connect the Unconnected, 30 April 2014, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET
Media Advisory: The Boston Activate Talk will look at creative ways to increase Internet access for underserved and marginalised communities, especially focusing on children and young people.

Joint statement by heads of UN humanitarian agencies on Syria
NEW YORK, GENEVA, ROME, 23 April 2014 – One year ago, as leaders of UN agencies struggling to deal with the growing human impact of the Syrian crisis, we issued an urgent appeal on behalf of millions of people whose lives and futures hang in the balance: Enough, we said, enough!

UNICEF Statement on released national staff in Karachi
KARACHI, 22 April 2014 – UNICEF is pleased to confirm that two of its national staff who were abducted on Thursday evening in Karachi are now safe and well.

UNICEF: Desperate water shortages facing children in Bentiu, South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 22 April 2014 – Tens of thousands of people who fled targeted ethnic violence in Bentiu last week are receiving just one litre of safe drinking water per day in the desperately overcrowded UN base, UNICEF said today.

Children of Kachin need protection and have a right to peace, says UNICEF
YANGON, Myanmar, 22 April 2014 – Recent fighting between the Myanmar National Army and the Kachin Independence Army in the vicinity of Man Win Gyi and Momauk areas (Southern Kachin State) has forced thousands of people, including an estimated 1,000 children, to leave their temporary homes. For many of them, it is the second or third time that they have been forced to take to the road in the past year. Although reports state that the fighting has slowed in the past few days, the situation remains tense.

UNICEF and Global Fund coordinate efforts to reach mothers, newborns and children
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 22 April 2014 – UNICEF and the Global Fund today reinforced their long-standing partnership through a new agreement to better coordinate efforts aimed at reducing the burden of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and improving the health of mothers, newborns, and children.