Handicap International [to 26 April 2014]

Handicap International [to 26 April 2014]

Founders to be Knighted to French Legion of Honor
Takoma Park, MD, March 12, 2014 — Jean-Baptiste Richardier, Claude Simonnot, and Philippe Chabasse, three of the historic leaders of Handicap International, have been named as knights of France’s Legion of Honor, the highest decoration bestowed in France. The list of individuals to be knighted for 2014 was published on April 20 in the official journal of the French government.
“Although this honor is awarded to each of us individually, it rewards far more than our own individual merits,” said Jean-Baptiste Richardier, the current Executive Director of Handicap International Federation. “It acknowledges and honors Handicap International’s work with people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups which been carried out by every member of our association over the last 32 years. We would like to dedicate this great honor to them, and to the hundreds of thousands of individual donors who continue to place their trust in our ability to successfully carry out our mission.”…

Handicap Int’l-US @HI_UnitedStates • Apr 24
Are you an American with disabilities who has had challenges traveling or studying abroad? Share your story http://bit.ly/shareCRPD #CRPD

Handicap Int’l-US @HI_UnitedStates • Apr 18
We’re ensuring that children with disabilities in Sierra Leone, like 7-year-old Fanta, have the chance to go school. http://bit.ly/1hSLzYT

Heifer International [to 26 April 2014]

Heifer International [to 26 April 2014]

Heifer International @Heifer • Apr 24
Did you miss the #womenagchat? Check out this Storify to catch up: http://hefr.in/1ht6cWC

Pierre Ferrari @HeiferCEO • Apr 24
Nandamaya in Nepal raises goats from @Heifer, earns more income bc knows better livestock management: http://www.heifer.org/join-the-conversation/blog/2014/April/holi-goats.html … #womenagchat

Heifer International @Heifer • Apr 24
TODAY: #womenagchat with @Heifer @Kiva @ONECampaign @Half & @HeiferCEO Join us 4/24 1PM ET #IYFF

Heifer International @Heifer • Apr 22
It’s #EarthDay! See how animals used in our projects help us get our green on: http://hefr.in/1hmRu3h

HelpAge International [to 26 April 2014]

HelpAge International [to 26 April 2014]

HelpAge @helpage • Apr 25
Blog: New #data on the use of #health facilities in #Pakistan (via @QureshiwaqasA) http://bit.ly/1mLjOEr

HelpAge @helpage • Apr 24
Our CEO @tobyhporter at @GlobalPhilGrp forum. If ur 60+ or hope 2 be 60+ one day, watch this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCZd9BQMzV0&feature=share&t=50m9s … … (via @mayurpaul)

HelpAge @helpage • Apr 23
We’ve helped set up a new alliance in #Bangladesh to help fight stigma of #alzheimers and support those affected: http://bit.ly/1ieCvys

HelpAge @helpage • Apr 22
If you missed our event at @odi_development on situation of older & disabled Syrian #refugees, you can watch it here: http://youtu.be/nb7KT5r6AVQ

HelpAge @helpage • Apr 21
Age Helps is out! http://paper.li/helpage/1360751304 … Stories via @GlobalAgeing @IntFedAgeing @ILCUK

International Rescue Committee [to 26 April 2014]

International Rescue Committee [to 26 April 2014]

South Sudan is at tipping point – International Rescue Committee calls for immediate action
27 Apr 2014 –
The International Rescue Committee is calling on the world not to give up on South Sudan but to make every effort to ensure that the fighting stops. Since the conflict started in December 2013, and despite a Cessation of Hostilities agreement signed in January, violations are committed regularly by all sides to the conflict, increasingly accompanied by widespread human rights abuses.
Protected areas, supposed to be safe havens for the displaced, are under attack. On 17 April armed men attacked a UN base in Bor and massacred 58 unarmed civilians including two IRC staff members. Children as young as two months were killed. On the same day armed men attacked churches, mosques and hospitals in Bentiu.
“South Sudan is at tipping point,” says the IRC’s president, David Miliband. “Without immediate, high level engagement to stop the violence, the people of South Sudan will face more killings and be plunged further into a food crisis. Having lost two of our own staff in the recent wave of killings, we know that people fear they are running out of options on where to flee.”
Miliband says, “There must be increased political pressure on the government and opposition and much greater support for the UN presence — both actions are critical to curb the crisis. It is easy to dismiss this as an ethnic conflict but the root of the crisis is political, exacerbated by easy access to weaponry. The interruption of planting and the consequent fear of famine top off the dangerous brew.”
The IRC welcomes the decision by the U.S government to allow targeted sanctions and is calling for the resumption of negotiations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, led by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).
The IRC is also stressing that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) should establish a permanent, independent presence in South Sudan to monitor violations of human rights committed by all parties. “The atrocities perpetrated by all parties are proof enough that more accountability is crucial,” says Miliband.
The IRC further emphasizes the need for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to deploy more peacekeepers on the ground. “Last December, the UN Security Council authorized deployment of an additional 5,500 UNMISS troops,” Miliband says. “Only 1,400 have arrived so far. The case for more troops remains pressing.”…


Intl Rescue Comm IRC@theIRC • Apr 25
Test for #malaria at Tham Hin camp,where IRC is sole provider of health care: http://bit.ly/1kdi2IL #WorldMalariaDay

Intl Rescue Comm IRC@theIRC • Apr 24
#SouthSudan: World’s newest state that threatens to become one of the world’s bloodiest. @DMiliband on @Channel4News: http://bit.ly/1l7G3lC

Intl Rescue Comm IRC @theIRC • Apr 22
In 2013, IRC gave 1.4 million people access to clean drinking water & sanitation. http://bit.ly/IRCin2013 #EarthDay

Intl Rescue Comm IRC @theIRC • Apr 21
We confirm with great sadness that two members of our South Sudan staff were killed last Thursday: http://bit.ly/1h8hMdY

MSF/Médecins Sans Frontières [to 26 April 2014]

MSF/Médecins Sans Frontières [to 26 April 2014]

Heat-Stable Vaccines Urgently Needed to Reach the One in Five Children Missed by Immunization Worldwide
April 22, 2014

Doctors w/o Borders @MSF_USA • Apr 25
“Not a miracle cure,” but a strong new weapon in the fight against #malaria http://bit.ly/1rtkttN #MalariaDay

MSF International @MSF • Apr 25
#CARcrisis not yet over: #MSF teams conducted more than 300,000 consultations between Jan and Mar 2014.

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MSF Science @MSFsci • Apr 24
Save the date! MSF Scientific Day will be streamed live on our website May 23rd. More info at http://msf.me/12jlyco

MSF International @MSF • Apr 24
Portrait of a refugee kid during a #vaccination campaign at Yida refugee camp, #SouthSudan http://bit.ly/QAdMsU

MSF International @MSF • Apr 20
Heavy rains this weekend; dire living conditions get worse for 50,000 in Mpoko camp next to Bangui airport #CARcrisis pic.twitter.com/2yi5gVl3Am

Operation Smile [to 26 April 2014]

Operation Smile [to 26 April 2014]
Upcoming Mission Schedule
April 21 – 25 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
April 23 – 26 | Babahoyo, Ecuador
April 23 – 27 | Comayagua, Honduras
April 24 – 27 | Arauca, Colombia
April 24 – 30 | Nanchang, China
April 25 – 27 | Sihanoukville, Cambodia

April 24, 2014
Operation Smile World Care Patient from Haiti Prepares to Undergo Surgery at CHKD to Remove a Massive Facial Tumor

April 21, 2014
Purveyor of Smiles Brings New Smiles to More Than 200 Children
Through this partnership with Operation Smile, Lifetouch brings the gift of a smile and hope for a brighter future to children around the world.

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Microsoft in Health ‏@Health_IT Apr 24
How technology is helping @OperationSmile communicate and collaborate around the world: http://msft.it/60199LPh