Tostan [to 26 April 2014]

Tostan [to 26 April 2014]

April 25, 2014
Celebrating Senegal’s National Day for Talibé
April 20th marked the National Day for Talibé in Senegal to raise awareness of the experience of talibés. Talibés are boys sent by their families to Koranic schools known as daaras to learn the tenets of Islam from a marabout or Koranic teacher. Begging was once a part of a talibé’s education in order to teach humility, but in urban centers and towns, these young students often are required to spend more time on the street begging than in the classroom. Talibés are at times exposed to harsh living environments and are aged on average from 5 to 16, and in rare cases they are as young as three.
Tostan has partnered with UNICEF and the mayor of Dakar since 2003 to celebrate the National Day for Talibé. Tostan, through its Child Protection Module, is advocating for a move towards modernizing daaras, which includes meeting safety standards and teaching from approved curricula. Communities and religious leaders are already organizing themselves and taking steps to improve their Koranic schools and communities…

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Since January 2013, @Tostan partner communities have used over 6000 mosquito nets to prevent malaria #WorldMalariaDay

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A10 @Half Women learn about their right to food & health which leads to healthy utilization of food #womenagchat

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A9 @Half Communities learn to conduct feasibility studies & learn more about how to price their goods #womenagchat

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A4 @Half we provide grants managed by communities to help them establish their own microcredit system #womenagchat

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@Tostan partner communities create and lead sustainable solutions to environmental issues. See how: Happy #EarthDay!