Handicap International [to 26 April 2014]

Handicap International [to 26 April 2014]

Founders to be Knighted to French Legion of Honor
Takoma Park, MD, March 12, 2014 — Jean-Baptiste Richardier, Claude Simonnot, and Philippe Chabasse, three of the historic leaders of Handicap International, have been named as knights of France’s Legion of Honor, the highest decoration bestowed in France. The list of individuals to be knighted for 2014 was published on April 20 in the official journal of the French government.
“Although this honor is awarded to each of us individually, it rewards far more than our own individual merits,” said Jean-Baptiste Richardier, the current Executive Director of Handicap International Federation. “It acknowledges and honors Handicap International’s work with people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups which been carried out by every member of our association over the last 32 years. We would like to dedicate this great honor to them, and to the hundreds of thousands of individual donors who continue to place their trust in our ability to successfully carry out our mission.”…

Handicap Int’l-US @HI_UnitedStates • Apr 24
Are you an American with disabilities who has had challenges traveling or studying abroad? Share your story http://bit.ly/shareCRPD #CRPD

Handicap Int’l-US @HI_UnitedStates • Apr 18
We’re ensuring that children with disabilities in Sierra Leone, like 7-year-old Fanta, have the chance to go school. http://bit.ly/1hSLzYT