Handicap International [to 23 February 2014]

Handicap International  [to 23 February 2014]

Handicap Intl UK ‏@HI_UK Feb 21
Brilliant video about our work in #Libya to reduce the threat from explosive weapons & armed violence http://bit.ly/1h4t41z  #demining #MRE

Handicap Int’l-US ‏@HI_UnitedStates Feb 21
Handicap International’s road safety expert on 30% uptick in #motorcycle deaths in #Cambodia: http://www.phnompenhpost.com/7days/motorbike-deaths-increase …

Handicap Int’l-US ‏@HI_UnitedStates Feb 20
@HI_UK @HI_france @handicap@minesinafrica made this #Storify of “US & the ’97 Mine Ban Treaty” http://sfy.co/jcD6  #banminesusa

Handicap Intl UK ‏@HI_UK Feb 20
Handicap International condemns the use of cluster munitions in South Sudan http://bit.ly/1jSUQBz

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HelpAge ‏@helpage Feb 20
Check out our Age & Disability Monitor looking at our work with @HI_UK on #Syria crisis http://www.scribd.com/doc/208121353/Age-and-Disability-Monitor-January-2014 … #ScribdDocs

Handicap Intl UK ‏@HI_UK Feb 18
Which countries are contaminated by #landmines and cluster bombs? – Check out our #maps and find out. http://bit.ly/1nKGBvZ